The Mouth from the end of Forshore Park, high tide very windy.I

Wild Harvest Seafood Festival MarketsSeafood Festival Tiny Planet 360 #1 12 Nov

The second total lunar eclipse of 2022 is visible from Asia, Australia,

Orbost from the East end of town 20 October 2022, about 6pm

Cann River by Drone 22 October at sunset #lovecannriver 

A collection of media from 14 October 2022 taken from my drone

The Bunker was a major Advanced Operations Base used by the RAAF

Oct 12, 2022 Seniors Cruise 11 October 2022 M.V. Loch-Ard Circa 1910

Sunrise 5 October 2022 6:30 am cold and windy #lovemallacoota at Captain

Sunday afternoon above the lake at Mallacoota @lovemallacoota